Bathroom Design

If you are up to date with the interior design trends you might have notices that in recent years greater prominence has been given to the bathroom design. Whether it is a construction of a new building or remodeling home bathroom design has been given importance too. It has now come up to be one […]

Material Selection

Material selection is not about choosing the cheapest, strongest, and locally available material. It an art of storytelling, by varying material combinations in a building one can create something entirely different. It’s really important for an architect to understand the property of the material as much as it is important for him/her to understand the […]


It is a concept of reducing the unit size since it is critical for enhancing affordability. By smaller apartments the designers can create more total apartments than they normally would and more total units means more affordability for cities. Here the basic amenities are mainly shared within the community in order to make it affordable […]

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