Role of color in changing the perspective of interior space

In the previous blog, we talked about various factors that affect interior space, and amongst which one of them was color. Color can make or break your design. The color combination of the wall, furniture, and lights should always go in together. But if we consider the color combination of the wall, choosing the right set of colors can change one’s perspective of the space making the room look taller, longer, wider, or highlighting a particular element. Colors hold such power that without changing the architecture of the space it can change the perspective of the space. 

There are many ways to transform a space into a different type. We will look at each one by one. 

  1. Enlarging a space: To make a small space look large use of light colors can do the trick. Light colors help reflect natural light and give surface appear which makes it look larger to eyes. 
  1. Compact space: To make a large space look smaller and cozier opting for strong and dark colors on the wall can do the trick. The darker color usually absorbs natural light which makes space feel enclosed.    
  1. Lower ceiling: There are times when lowering the ceiling can make the space look pleasant and provide a welcoming ceiling. This can be done by painting the ceiling dark color in comparison to the wall or leaving the material texture visible. 
  1. Stretching the space: This is mainly for the apartment or spaces that have a lower ceiling and when you enter the room you get this claustrophobic feeling. For spaces like this you can paint the walls in dark color and leave the ceiling pure white. This gives the feeling that the ceiling is higher. 
  1. Making space look wider: Painting the back wall and the ceiling dark color while leaving the side walls white can make space look wider and more spacious. This is mainly found to be used in corridors since they are small and narrow. 
  1. Narrow space: In order to make a large room look narrow you can leave the back wall and ceiling white while painting the side walls with dark color. 
  1. Shortening the space: If you have a room that is large and wants it to feel more personal you can go for a darker shade of color for the back wall in comparison to the lighter tone for elsewhere. 
  1. Highlighting a wall: To highlight a wall keep the wall in lighter color while keeping the rest of the wall dark. It helps to draw your eyes to the wall thus making it highlight. 
  1. Shortening the wall: This is done by applying darker color to the bottom of the wall and lighter on the top wall. This is done using 1/3 to 2/3 ratio; keeping 1/3 for the darker color on the bottom of the wall. 

So now the next time you are designing a space use them to your advantage by creating an inviting and productive space; a space that you would enjoy to stay in. 

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