The factor that affect the interior space

87% of our lives are spent indoors. Hence space/environment that we live must be well thought of and must reflect our personality so that it has a positive influence on our lives and we enjoy the space.   

We must keep in mind all the various factors that affect the interior space for a user-friendly experience. 

  1. Space planning – Its one of the most important aspects of interior design. It can have a very strong impact on the success of a room. Without proper planning, a room can end up awkward. Each room’s planning differs from another in order to purpose for the function for the user. Make different options for a single space and be on the lookout for the one that makes it easy and simple to do things that the room provides for. 
  1. Furniture layout – The key to a good furniture layout of a space is not to overcrowd the space with lots of furniture. one should only have the necessary furniture in the room. One should always experiment with the furniture layout so a to provide the best option which can either make it easy or difficult for the user to get things done.  
  1. Lighting – No matter how many artificial lighting you provide in a room it is always beneficial to get in the natural lighting in the room. You can always apply small interior design tips to lighting up the room such as using sheer curtains for allowing the light into your room and velvet curtain to block the lights from entering your room. Another tip that you can apply is for rooms that have small windows and to maximize your light inside the room you can always place the mirror on the opposite side of the window and it will deflect the lighting that comes in through the window thus making is more brighten us. 
  1. Color and texture – Color can play an important role in making the room look attractive. Selecting a color according to design can either make or break your design. The color combination of the wall, furniture, and lights go in together. An example of choosing a color according to the design and space is choosing a light color wall that can help you reflect the natural light and make the space seams larger whereas choosing a dark tone on the back wall in contracts to the lighter tone can make a larger room seem smaller. There are many color tricks that you can use according to space which we will talk about in detail in another blog. 
  1. Client’s personality and liking – when designing a room you should always make sure that it should be a perfect reflection of your client’s personality and his likings. One small suggestion that you can incorporate while meeting a client is spending a few meetings in knowing the client like meeting at the client’s favorite restaurant and also meeting at him home looking at all the collections they have. These small things actually help you in knowing your client better. Another thing you can do to know your client’s taste is making a different style of mood board for different spaces; this gives the client a choice and you a chance to know their taste. 
  2. Budget – This is a very important factor which doing any project. There is a way you can maintain a balance between creative design and a small budget. For Example, if you have a small budget and backlight mirror is too expensive according to your budget you can simply add a 1 to 1.5-inch wooden log behind the mirror place a Led Strip at its center making sure that its adaptor is not in a visible place. You can find such tricks to make your space look good while staying in the budget. 

If you do not have enough knowledge and experience, hiring a professional interior designer can be the best idea. It can save your time, money and also ensure excellent quality of design. 

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