"An architect tells his story through his buildings"

- Sumedha Pandey


Sumedha Pandey

An architect who has been graduated from school of planning and architecture Bhopal.

My work involves keeping materials in its true form, designing according to the context and finely-crafted details. I have strong intent in modern regional design, local materials, interactive design/user-oriented design and open floor plan. I am a hard worker who loves to be an architect. Every new challenge is a new opportunity to learn new things.




What People Say

For a creative startup like us, creativity is everything. We were looking for someone who can help us portray our vision and what we are through our office and she is exactly the person we were looking for. She understood our moto and delivered the design which speaks about us. We would recommend her to all the creatives out there.
Manish Kumar
Thank you sumedha for designing such a beautiful and calming interior for me and my family. We miss India and its culture but because of your design, it feels like home even in Russia. We really appreciate all the support you have provided us even after the project was done and your guidance through every step helped us make this house feels like home.
Murali Reddy
To thrive in a market full of high-level competitor especially in the food business is hard. You need to attract your target customer as much as you can and with the interior design sumedha has provided us is one of the best and helped us engage many more customers than before. We are astonished by her creativity and how she can create such creative ideas at a low cost. the changes in spatial planning that she did helped us maximize the number of customers we can host. We hope you get all the success in your field.
Ravi M