5 signs that you should become an architect

5 signs that you should become an architect

In the previous blog, we talked about “what are architects and what architects do?” Reading those blogs you might have understood that there is a lot that an architect does. Now to figure out if you should be an architect or not.

Here are a few things that will help you in figuring out if you should be choosing architecture as a field:

You are a creative thinker: 

This is the first and most important quality of being an architect. Being an architect is about designing a building or space that not only follows the safety regulation but also awe-inspiring. This can be done by being creative. Architects must design creative buildings and spaces using there both logical, mathematical thinking and their unique, originative thinking. 

You have a mind for math: 

As we have talked about in our previous blog that architecture is a combination of art and science. It is important to design a building with a vision of beauty and elegance. But it is also necessary to keep mathematical science in mind. For example what materials work together and what don’t to understand how the structures work together for not only a spectacular structure but also one that is safe, sound, and lasting.

You have to love nature: 

Keeping aside all the math’s and physics for a moment. Architects have a profound love and deep respect for the natural world. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright have taught many architects that their designs should not interrupt the natural world. He has further taught that there is a difference between the house is of the hill rather than the house is on the hill.  

You have a problem-solving skill: 

Architects need to be problem solvers. That is because whether you are meeting your client’s needs or you are designing a building architect; will constantly come across the problem with the design, or with the structure. 

You are willing to work hard (very hard): 

Being dedicated to your career is an important factor in any profession the same goes for architecture. You need to be willing to devote a long number of the hour at the office; at the site and even longer at home to work out the details to ensure perfection in every detail to provide safe and sturdy structure.

These are just a few points that you need to look out for if you need to become an architect, sure there are many other points too. The points that I have mentioned in this blog do not mean that you need to have all of them to become an architect. Even if you have 1-2 points and have the passion of becoming and learning to be an architect then you can. In this digital era that we are living in, there is no skill that cannot be learned by the power of the internet, and always keep in mind that knowledge is free it’s you who must seek it.

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