Bathroom Design

If you are up to date with the interior design trends you might have notices that in recent years greater prominence has been given to the bathroom design. Whether it is a construction of a new building or remodeling home bathroom design has been given importance too. It has now come up to be one of the most important rooms in the house. 

A well-designed bathroom is more like a statement and some of the latest design trends now bring a wow factor to the design. Whether it is a small bathroom or a big one the secret of good bathroom design starts with a good well thought planning. Bathrooms have now become luxurious spaces that enhance your quality of life. 

Here are a few points that you must keep in mind while designing a bathroom: 

  1. WC Position: While placing Wc there are 2 points that one must keep. According to the Vastu WC should never be east-facing; an ideal position for WC is north-facing. Also a WC is not the first thing someone must-see while entering the bathroom. 
  1. Lighting: While providing the lighting on the ceiling for the bathroom trying distributing it according to the 6 lighting fixtures of 7 watts each for the bathroom size of 3 x 3.5m. While placing these lights make sure that shower cabinet lighting is not directly above the shower fixture. If done so then it cast a very ugly shadow of the shower fixture over the bathroom. 
  1. Vanity counter: Always prefer marble or granite, not tiling or other expensive material for countertop since it’s long-lasting, easier to clean, and much more practical.
  1. Vanity faucet: while choosing faucets it’s best to pick wall mount faucet since it’s easy to clean and maintain. It also gives you a clean countertop.
  1. Vanity Lighting: Lighting under vanity looks amazing but the most common mistakes in design I see some people doing is providing it in the front side which cast ugly shadows. So, always prefer back side vanity lighting. Once done properly can give you amazing results. 
  1. Mirror: The backlight mirror also looks good. If you don’t have the budget for backlight then you can add n 1′ to 1.5′ wooden log and an LED strip can be stuck to it in the center. Make sure that its adaptor is placed in a place that is not so visible
  1. Shower cubical: Min size of shower cubical should be 3′ x 3’6″. For glasswork around the shower cubical look for the glass type which provides fewer watermarks, less anti-fogging, and less moisture sweating. If it is possible to provide a glass door or see to it that there is a glass partition that stops the water from spreading inside the whole bathroom and the skirting should be at least 2″ to 3″ high. Also the height of the shower cubical should be 7′ to 8′ high.
  1. Shower area flooring: While using marble for shower area flooring make sure that there are V-grooves so that there are fewer chances of slipping on it. In order to avoid slipping you can also give brush finishing or leather finishing on the marble. 
  1. Faucet color: For areas where the water is very salty try to give the faucet in chrome finish or fresh gold for easy cleaning and maintenance. If you provide brush bronze then it will leave a lot of water makes.
  1. Faucet Brand: While choosing faucet to try to maintain the brand as that of the pipeline since there might be leakage issues due to the difference in the brand fitting.  
  1. Geyser position: There are two best places for the geyser. One is you can place it in the shaft and the second is in the false ceiling. While placing the geyser in the false ceiling make sure that there is a trap door in the false ceiling so that the geyser is accessible for its regular maintenance. The trap door can later be painted the same as the false ceiling color in order to hide it. You can also use a commercial water heater that is attached to the tank and supplies hot water to the whole building. 
  1. Powder Bathroom: Wallpaper on the bathroom is a BIG NO NO unless it is a powder bathroom. 

There are lots more things you can do in the bathroom. But these were a few of the basic things that you must keep in mind while designing them. 

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