Bedroom Design Part 1

In the previous blog, we talked about the points that you must keep in mind while designing a bathroom. In this blog, we will talk about the points that one must keep in mind while designing a bedroom. A healthy lifestyle demands a sound sleep every day. So without further due let’s get on with the blog. 

Here are some points that you must keep in mind while designing a bedroom: 

  1. Layout: The first thing that one must keep in mind while designing the bedroom is the layout. One must always keep in mind that when you enter the bedroom you don’t run into the bed or the ledge wall. While you enter the bedroom you should always have some kind of space that you walk into.  
  1. Furniture: While designing for a high-end project if you have large bedrooms make sure that the space between two furniture placed in 5′ to 6′ and for a small project make sure that the space between furniture is 3′ that’s the standard. 
  1. The proportion of the furniture: When you are selecting the furniture out for your room make sure that you don’t select a small bed for a grand room like a single size bed for a grand room and vice versa. The key to selecting furniture out for a small room is not to overcrowd it with furniture. 
  1. Bed back wall: High bed backs are meant for large bedrooms because that’s when the true beauty of bed backs come out. For small bedrooms make sure that you give bed backs to an eye-level height that is 3’6″ high. 
  1. AutoCAD furniture: When you place the AutoCAD bed in your plan make sure you include the bed frame size too. This makes a lot of difference when you are placing a bed on-site and the frame size is not put into consideration then the distance between the two furniture is reduced and walkable space is affected. In case you don’t know the bed size then add 2″ to 3″ for bed frame to the mattress size if the bed is without the platform one and in case it is with the platform the add 4″ to it. Always remember 2″ to 3″ can make a lot of difference to your design. 
  1. Placement of seating in a bedroom: You can place an ottoman in front of the bed and if there is no space for ottoman then you can take out space for an accent chair and a footstool. An accent chair can give a spark to the room. Always keep in mind that never place two accent chairs in a single room. 

There are lots more to you need to keep an eye for in your bedroom design. You can read my next blog.

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