Bedroom Design Part 2

In the previous blog, we talked about the points that you must keep in mind while designing a bedroom. In this blog, we will talk about more of such points that you must keep in mind while designing bedrooms. So without further due let’s get on with the blog. 

Here are some points that you must keep in mind while designing a bedroom: 

  1. Bed height: If the client wants a high bed then make sure you don’t go above 23″ for a 12′ heigh room which includes the mattress height too. 
  2. The symmetry of the room: Take care of a few things while designing your bedrooms can create a balance in your bedroom which thus creates balance in your mind. Few things such as placing the bed in the center of the wall, placing tv on the opposite side to the center of the bed, and false ceiling design should be symmetrical keeping the center of it above the bed can help a lot. 
  3. Lighting: There are two types of lighting in the bedroom. One is the task lighting and the other one is decor lighting. Always make sure that your task lighting is distributed at a distance of 1′ to 1.5′ distance. 
  4. Switch points: Always distribute your lighting switches in the room. Place them in such a manner that as you enter the room you get to turn on a few lights to walk into the room and the rest you can access from either side of the bed so that every time before sleeping you don’t have to walk to the switchboard to turn the lights off. You can always give a two-way switch for the fan, task lights, and cove lights from either side of the bed. 
  5. Feature wall: Make sure you only give one feature wall in a room either behind the bed or at the side. Choose the one where you get the most empty space without the disturbance for the door, window, or beam. If in your feature wall design you are using more then 3 or 4 material tries to incorporate any one of the material on the other wall either tv wall or somewhere else. 
  6. Vastu: There are two main things in Vastu that I try to give in a bedroom unless and until the client asks for one. the first thing is I make sure that the mirror is placed in such a manner that when a person is sleeping on the bed his reflection is not seen in the mirror. Second is that While sleeping the head shouldn’t be pointing towards the north. 

So, next time you are about to design a bedroom always keep these points in your mind. 

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