Interior Design Ongoing Trends

Interiors are taking center stage in 2020. With the ongoing pandemic, more people are spending more time at home. Architects and designers are increasingly aware of the needs and requirements of the client. These are a few that could be useful in making some predictions on how interiors will be developed in the next decade.

1. Biophilic Design

Indoor plants have become a completely new thing for interior design projects. Large oversize hanging plants, the green wall that are growing in trends. Last year a new concept had entered that was Biophilic design. It is to maintain a certain level of connection with nature and aims to in turn aims to improve our health, psyche, and overall ecosystem.

2. Mini Study Table

While working from home is more common than ever, flexibility and comfort at home are more important than ever. Working from home can be less formal and can coexist with the other living area. This has bought a new concept of combining the large furniture with small ones such as hiding the study table with the closet or adding bookshelves to it.

3.Invisible Handles for a Fully Integrated Kitchen

Since the time modular kitchen concept has come up, experts are constantly thinking of ways to refine kitchen design and make it a more minimal space with a seamless and sleek look. In the recent trends, kitchen design has replaced handles and pulls on drawers and cabinets with push latches mechanism. This mechanism allows the cabinet to open by pushing the door.

4. Stairs Integrated with Furniture

Millennials are more and more shifting to smaller spaces. In smaller spaces space utilization is the key and staircase tend up to take most of the space. As a creative way of utilizing the space under the stairs, several interior projects have added storage below each step. Some projects have used steps into a large furniture design such as working area or shelving. 

5. Terrazzo (not only for) Flooring

Terrazzo was traditionally used as flooring. The same material had another comeback in 2019. It was used in the recent projects by the architects and interior designers as not only for flooring but also kitchen and living room furniture. The terrazzo we see nowadays is a mix of bigger chips of marble, quartz, granite, and glass. This is also converted into a graphic pattern printed on wallpaper, Fabric, and even weaved rugs.

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