How covid19 will change the way we design our home?

The covid19 pandemic can forced us to rethink the way we live and see our future. Today there is not a place where the covid19 has been affected. The requirement for the One home is changing as more and more people are stuck at home. Let us look at the way’s covid19 has changed our home design:

1. Open Plan Layout:

The very first thing that has been changed is that we need a layout in which we are both physically and mentally comfortable. A space where one can perform a lot of activity and is also connected to the nature.

2. Air purification system:

During covid19 one of the major factors that was notices was air quality. We may notice people beginning to taking care of the air quality system in there homes. Therefore, we may notice a rise in air purification system which will take the outside air and purifies it them supply it in there homes. There may also be an added system in there HVAC system.

3. Kitchen:

There may be an added spaces in the kitchen in order to have a better functioning of the space. One such added space being pantry in order to allow the residents of store food so that they can make fewer trip to the grocery store. Another space would be a better sanitation space in kitchen so that they can sanitize their grocery’s right after they bring it in there home. This will also give rise to better faucet’s, appliances and other technology.

4. sanitation system in the entry way:

Home’s also need a sanitation space right after they enter so that they can sanitize themselves first before entering any other space. All throughout the space there will be various sanitation point for safety purpose.

When lifting the restriction from Shanghai from restaurants; the restaurants made it to the point of spraying the customers with disinfectant machine as they enter the space. This may also be kept into consideration at homes.

5. Home office:

The more and more people stuck at home in order to main social distancing, work from home has become really common during these pandemic days. In order to maintain focus and concentration at home, a separate space for work is much needed at home. This can also include an outdoor office or a semi-open space to work.

6. Need of private outdoor space:

With the covid19 more and more have realized the need for outdoor spaces. The act of simply walking or sitting in the park importance has increased amongst the individual.

It’s now upon the architects to includes private outdoor spaces, rooftop garden, micro balcony, porches and other such things that makes one connect with the outdoor space as a part of one’s home.

So, here are some Parameters that the future home designs might shape along. Sure, there are many more parameters that will come along in future.

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