Tips for eco-friendly interior design home

Tips for eco-friendly interior design home

What’s the trending topic these days? Yes, you guessed it right its sustainable interior design. When it comes to sustainability it generally denotes eco-friendly decoration and designs. Eco-friendly home interiors help in increasing the home efficiency and helps reduce the impact by keeping everything green. 

I am sure that everyone knows the environmental impacts and the benefits of using a solar panel and using plants to decorate your home. These are things that did not make it to the list.

Here is a quick checklist to lower your home’s environmental imprint. 

Lighter color

To save money on lightings one must reconsider the color scheme of the room to a lighter color to allow more light to reflect. This is because dark colors need more artificial light. 


Have you ever stayed in a room which has a tiny window and you keep wishing only if the window was larger you did get more natural light? Well no more, there is a trick on increasing the natural light in such a room without tearing down your wall. Place a mirror on the opposite wall of the window this will help you to bounce more natural light in the room reducing the need for artificial light. 

Source eco-friendly furniture

Many companies are committed to building eco-friendly products for a sustainable design. Study companies with their approach to environmental conscious constructions. When you are ready to invest in buy products that you wouldn’t get bored of in few years. 

Bring in carpets

Rugs and carpets do double duty as thermal insulators as they retain about 10% of the room heat. 

Upgrade shower head and faucets

Save water and energy by upgrading your shower head and faucet as today’s option boast up to 70% less water use. 

Upgrade your appliances

As energy star-certified appliances are found in any modern home we suggest you swap your old appliances for energy-saving ones as they save money in the long term. 

There are a few for you to get started on but in case you know a few more that didn’t make it to the list then make sure to drop yours in the comment section below. 

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