MARKET YOUR PROJECT For Architects and Interior Designers

MARKET YOUR PROJECT For Architects and Interior Designers

In order to grab many opportunities in the market for architects as well as interior designers, Project Documentation is the tool. Most of the architect and interior designers fall short of documenting their own hard work. Only 10% of the professionals (i.e. architects and interior designers) take in the time to document their own projects. And it would be fair to say that that 10% are leading the market.

A photograph when a post on social media or website speaks a lot. It helps communicate both your project success and your strength as an architect and interior designer. It can help demonstrate how people use/live in it as well as tell the story and idea behind the project which connects you to the audience.

Most of your potential clients may never visit your project in person and never get to experience. The space along with the details that you have put in to enhance the experience of the space for the clients. Words can only be used to describe the Building. It is an excellent photography/videography that tells a true story of your project; along with that to enhance the experience for those who might never be able to visit your project.

What is excellent project documentation?

Project documentation is a collection of multiple things such as:

  • Photographic Documentation
  • Videography Documentation
  • Text Documentation

Photographic documentation:

This usually refers to the interior and exterior of the project along with the views of the room, detailed shots of signature features that share the idea and concept behind the project. A photograph on your social media account or website can help you engage your audience that will drive their attention to your business. A lot of research has been put to prove this and one must never underestimate the power of photography in marketing.

Videography documentation:

It is said to be the most important of them all. People on social platforms like to consume content through videos more than text or audio. It helps your audience have a better understanding of your project and experience it as one would when on the site. Videos help to capture the project and make you feel exactly the way we want. Even enhance the experience to a level where the audience can feel that they are present at the site.

Researchers have said that 97% of the marketers claim that videography helps customers understand products. Now over 81% of the business are now using video for marketing their business. There are many advantages to using video for your marketing such as helps to boost the traffic to your websites and social media platform; by 13% and over 90% of the customers make their decision on buying the product after seeing the video.

Text documentation:

This refers to the blog/writeups that will get published on social media or websites. With the help of text documentations, you can talk about your project in far more detail than you can in videos or photographs. You can describe the details of each and everything, you’re through the process while designing the project. The audience likes the research and loves to read about the thought process and the problem-solving ability that you used to solve the problems while designing the project. This also helps you in reaching the international audience as well.


Now, after all of this, you must be thinking what are all advantages, I will get from this? The answer is simple, “Content lives forever” Content marketing is one of the cheapest and marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at some of the ways it will help you.

Engaging with your audience:

What makes a potential client whether they will go with you or not i.e. getting engaged with your audience, making them see your project up close, showing them your thought process. These things put you in an expert position which makes your client confident in you and helps them choose if they want to go with you or not.

Monitor and refine your brand reputation online:

Social media and blogs help architect and interior designer to interact with your audience one to one. It also helps them create a relationship between the audience and brands, which will further lead you to a loyal customer base and loyal fans. These things help spread the word about your company to the unknown audience base.

Increase the profile of your brand:

Content is what truly helps increase your profile and visibility of your firm bringing you your potential clients. How? Every time people share your popular content all over the internet, as they share this content on their personal social medial, comment on it, email to friends and family these things help you. Every time you post on social media can bring your business one step closer to your potential client. So, it’s important to see what your social media profile speaks about you. How to type and quality of content you are generating for your viewers.

Increase traffic on your website:

Any piece of content you post on your social media should always end up with a link to your website – ideally a specific page. If writing an article, it should include your hyperlinks. The more the traffic on your website, the more people know about you and your business and the faster you reach your future potential client.


Getting viral on a social media account is about a lot of things. Few of which are listed below:

Getting to know your audience:

It’s not about the content you put forward in front of people, it’s about the content you put forward in front of the right set of people.

Make an emotional connection:

Emotion is what compels people to take action. The feelings that you get after seeing, hearing, or reading something that strikes an emotional chord influences your behavior. And that is the reason why some people eat when they are sad and some people go to the gym after watching the motivational video. And that is the science behind it.

Build sharing into your campaign:

Don’t just sit there hoping that someone shares your content instead build a campaign that makes sharing a built-in feature of your campaign.

Make your content useful enough to share:

Honestly, there is nothing there to explain at this point. Creating highly relevant and useful content is an easy way of increasing the chances of going viral.

Share your content at the right time:

Sending out a tweet or creating a blog post at the perfect time is a great way to go viral. Like its said timing is everything.

Use powerful visuals:

All of your social media accounts, websites use images that are most likely to be shared. The type and quality of the image that you use are more like to get you more engagement which will further get people to share your post, further making your business popular attracting more potential clients. Studies have shown that posts with one or more images which twice as many shares on Facebook and Twitter as those without any images in them.

Share your content with powerful influencers:

Getting influencers to share your content can give you just the boost you need to go viral. The hard part is getting on their radar. To get on their radar you can try a hope that they stumble upon your post or tell them about it. A lot of people take the first approach, which means reaching out and letting them know that you have created an infographic, guide, or blog post that you think they would appreciate. This process is called outreach marketing. Interior designers and architects can share your work at other architecture pages that share projects of others’ work.

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