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BUILDING YOUR BRAND For Architects and Interior Designers

BUILDING YOUR BRAND For Architects and Interior Designers

If one had to describe what is Brand Identity it would be “Your companies’ reputation”. It’s all about what people tell each other about you; not what you tell people about yourself. We have already covered the topic Market your project for architects and interior design to read that click here.

Brand identity is the visual elements of a brand which consist of a number of elements such as color, design, and logo that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds. If you have built a positive brand image then you can see its impact on the sales and make product roll-outs more successful.

Your brand is one of the most important faces of your business. Without a face, you can’t stand out from the crowd. What mainly differentiates companies from one another in the crowded market is their brand.

What people see about your brand and what you are going to show them about your business matters a lot. One of the most important platforms from which you can show people about your brand is social media. Social media is one platform from which people get to know your business faster than any other way. The type of content you post on social media, your cover photo of a blog/post is very crucial. Also, the type of content you post is very crucial. All these things will determine the time your viewers spend to stop and notice you and your business. 

Building trust between you and your potential client is going to take you a long way. Document your whole process, make your audience and customer connect with you. If they feel connected on every step then there you are on the path of meeting your potential and loyal clients.

To refine your target audience documenting and publishing your work is the key. It helps you reach the exact kind of audience you desire while separating you away from the crowd and giving you a unique voice.


One of the most popular ways to market your project for architects and interior designers is through social media. You can reach millions of people just by sitting at the comfort of your home.


It is a great way to get connected with the people outside your contact list. It can help you reach millions of people who are interested in your project along with help you to reach a specific audience and target them only. With more them one billion users the power of using hashtags along with the way, you use it i.e. on your post and stories. The right hashtags can boost your post to new heights and can land you major clients.


This is one of the largest social media platforms for all architects and interior designers; this holds the power to boost your productivity to new heights. It has a user base of about 1.5 billion users. Facebook is one of the cheapest and most successful platforms to get your next potential clients.


This is one of the best B2B connections. It is known for pushing organic and good content organically. Its search features allow you to search for what you offer to find profiles and browse your offerings. As a part of its public profile, you can showcase your testimonials of you and your business. These recommendations help your potential clients to know more about your work ethics, product, or service can provide credibility that encourages people to do business with you. If you add LinkedIn to your marketing strategy; it can help you expand your network, find clients, and cultivate a professional reputation for your business. Not only that but it can also help you collaborate on a project, or find magazines. This will feature you and your products in their magazine in order to reach your future potential clients.


This is one of the best ways to market your business between your close friends and family. As you might already know a group on WhatsApp can make you go viral within a couple of days. People have a habit of sharing things they like with their dear friends and family. Showing your contacts what you have built and done, especially to your potential client can make them more confident and help you win them over. 

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