Residence at Cliff



The site is located on a Clift, surrounded by beautiful ocean scenic view. It’s a holiday villa for a husband and his wife to take a break between the nature from the chaotic city life. The residence is designed in such a way that the shape of the building allows the clients can take advantage of the ocean view, the beautiful sunny sky and the starry night sky.



The House has two floors, the basement and the ground floor. Since the basement is sunk into the ground it allows the space to stay cool during the sunny days.



The client’s requirement included master bedroom with walk-in-wardrobe, kitchen cum living cum dinning which acted a huge bonding space and a garage space. The couples also wanted an entertainment centre which had been provided at the ground floor so that the couples can enjoy the sense of being in the out in the open at night. The villa bends to a great degree to the surrounding environment and gives a sense of living between the nature.

Floor Plans

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