Moti rudrani craft village

emporium project



The entrance zone comprises of ticket Counter where they can not only get the tickets for accessing the cultural center but also for various shows taking place in the OAT.

The entrance zone also comprises of the Waiting area, Cloak room and Guard area. 



The administration department not only contains the admin area which looks after the maintenance and working of the cultural center but also has library which is accessible to the visitors. This also has private parking area for director and other staff members. 

The is a separate building for the research department which is not open to the tourist/locals. Here the designer and artisans sit and have an interaction where the designer helps the artisans in learning new skills and coming up with designs that will help uplift them.

Bazaar and Food


The bazaar and food area is kept near the accommodation and OAT center for easy access for the tourist and other visitors to the cultural center.

There is separate waiting area (semi-open space) where people can gather around to eat or rest while roaming the market. 



This is the area where all the crafts such as Leather, weaving, Embroider and lippan kaam History is being explained. How it started to how its done and why is it different thus making it essential to preserve this kind of craft. 



This is the area where all the villagers can work on there projects to make there earning for there living. Tourist can also come to observe them work. 



There are 4 Types of workshop area Leather, Weaving, Embroider and lippan kaam. All of these crafts are practiced by the villagers in the village and in order for them to not die, it is essential to for one to transfer it to others so that it can continue. 


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