This project is for the client who’s site is in Karnal, Haryana. The client is two brothers who wanted identical houses next to each other. They wanted a luxurious high-end design with the touch of modern and minimalism. They also wanted open spaces all around the house for the purpose of family gatherings and barbeque.  When I joined the team which was already working on this project had already finalized the floor plans and I was in charge of the elevation design for the project. In order to achieve the desired elevation, I was allowed to play with the floor plans since the construction on-site hadn’t been started during that time.

While creating the facade design I kept in mind that the family value quality time with each other and hence a small gathering space was created in the front which also contributed to building facade design. Next, a material pallet was finalized for the elevations. Two options were created with different material pallet to show it to the client. One was with the white, grey, black and wood and second was with the white, beige, wood and brown. Finally, the option with the white, grey, black and wood materials was finalized.

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