Co-Living Project



Co-living is a community living concept whereby young professionals move in with like-minded people, sharing service costs and benefiting from flexible rental terms.



A laundry, Main-kitchen, swimming pools, work spaces, leisure areas, gyms and spa are among the common facilities that coliving offers tenants, who include numerous liberal professionals and digital nomads. They usually enjoy private en-suite bedrooms and organize events for residents to get together and socialize.



There are many advantages of co-living space few of them are when you see everyone everyday you interact with them and share knowledge while getting to know each other. It’s a good was of networking and making contacts. It’s also a good way of saving money. You share and take turns for the responsibilities like buying groceries, cooking food etc.



For this project common space such as kitchen and gym are at the ground floor along with the reception/waiting area. There is laundry room at each floors for the residents. And a terrace café for the residence where they can work too.



For their private space in each room each residence is provided with sleeping area, working/studying area, Pantry area, wardrobe, private bathroom along with there own balcony.

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