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Why interior design is important for restaurants?

Why interior design is important for restaurants?

The F&B industry such as restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and spaces prioritize using location, price, and promotional techniques for attracting customers. But very few realize that the interior design of your restaurant can play a very important part in customer psychology. In my previous blog, we have discussed How to choose an Interior Designer for your project? and to read that click here.

The interior of a space determines how comfortable the space is; which determines how long a customer will sit in that space. Other factors affect customer psychology such as lighting, music, and architecture.

Restaurant interior design is a part of the marking strategy. This is the first thing that your customers notice when they walk in.

So, here is a list of why interior design is important for restaurants.

  1. It acts as a marking strategy method. This determines that what your brand is and the level of services that you want to give. This also helps your customers decide if they want to come back or not.
  2. In the age of Instagram, everyone wants to post what they are doing. If your restaurant doesn’t look Instagramable, it won’t reach your potential customers and thus won’t increase your follow list.
  3. A shabby or very bright interior will make your customers leave before eating. An ideal restaurant interior is when they have natural light.
  4. One of the most important things in interior design impacts customer psychology. You can make your customers order more, eat fast, drink more, stay less, etc. all using interior restaurant ideas.

Elements of restaurant interior design and how they impact the space.

Architecture and design

This defines the way your restaurant will look and feel. It also has a significant impact on customers since it includes planning the layout of the customer.

It determines how does your restaurant feels and looks? How spacious your restaurant is in rush hour? How accessible it is for the waiters to reach each table from the kitchen? How does the back end of the restaurant work?

A few pointers to keep in mind while designing the layout of the restaurant is: For a fine dining restaurant you need a 20 sq. ft area per seat for a person. The service station should be located where there is low footfall so that it is easily accessible by waiters. Also, make sure that the service station is visible to the customer and vise versa. The restroom should be away from the kitchen but also visible. There are many more things that you can to focus more on the layout.


It determines the ambiance of the restaurant. There are three types of lighting – ambiance, task, and accent lighting.

Ambiance lighting defines the overall look and feel of the restaurant. If your restaurant theme is dim light or bright light – this is the light that defines the restaurant.

Task lighting is the light that is used for performing a task. This is the light that helps customers read the menu and order. It is used to highlight a path or used to highlight a unique feature of a restaurant.

Accent light is used as decorative light to add an extra touch to your space.


This is the most important of restaurant interior design. The type of seating you provide defines the customer’s psychology and experience for them. If your seating is comfortable it prompts your customer to stay longer.


Colors believe it or not play an important role in the restaurant interior design. Different colors trigger different emotions. This impacts how your customer responds in a restaurant. For example, Blue is suppressed in the restaurant since it relaxing and that makes the customer order less.


The smell also plays a very important part in the restaurant. Think of restaurants such as McDonald’s, Dominos, and Starbucks the smell of their products makes you walk into the store.


Music does more than fill the gap in the restaurant. The volume of the music describes the type of ambiance you are going for. Second, the type of music also depends on the clientele.

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