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Sell results, not time

Sell results, not time

We don’t pay doctors by the hours.

Often we care about the work done, not how long it took for the work to be done.

And despite all that some jobs from law to programming are being paid based on the number of hours.

When you are selling time you give away your ability to be thoughtful, productive,

Sell Results.

Designers create value based on the years of experience, and the creative solution that they provide for people’s problems. Selling services based on the number of hours doesn’t do justice to the years of experience they have spent on working efficiently.

This is why all architects and designers should charge based on a fixed fee or per Sq.ft or some other metric system for the value we bring to the project. One must understand the value we bring to a project is not by working few hours; but by perfecting our skills over the years to understand the lifestyle of our clients. Their needs, and giving them an experience that they always wanted in their own space. What we create isn’t just drawings that we created in several hours but we create something that makes our clients dream into reality.

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