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Marketing for the architectural firm

Marketing for the architectural firm

Open your architecture firm? One thing that most architecture firms struggle with is effective marketing strategies which have become very crucial to get better opportunities. In this blog, we will talk about ways to market for your architecture firm.

Traditionally architecture firm rely on referrals to get the project. This is usually called “hope marketing” and that is because you are hoping to get projects with the help of your contacts and by the means of word of mouth.

But in this age of the internet, we must upgrade our methods. Referrals are not wrong, they are great but as time goes by your presence on the internet has become a very important part of your business. More and more clients refer to google reviews and check your work online before having that first meeting with you.

Research has shown that more and more clients and going through firms’ websites while going through the process of buying. It is also found out that it is very likely for potential clients to reject a firm depending on their website. In this age of competitive online marketing, one must have a clear plan and have the right tool to build an online presence for long-term trust in your brand.

So here are a few tips to get you started with your online marketing:

1. Increase your firm’s online visibility

The first of your online marketing should be creating an online presence which includes you have a proper website that is regularly updated and speaks about who you are and what you do.

One of the most important parts of your website is the about page. People want to know more about why you do what you do rather than you talking long paras about you, your resume, and the awards you have won. Clients want to feel that you are going to prioritize them and their projects first.

Your portfolio page should always highlight your best projects that can showcase your creativity and technique. One thing that you should keep in mind while selecting projects for your website is that you don’t want to add too many projects there since they can see your capability through those selected best only. And also everyone knows that no one adds all their projects on their website too.

2. Register on local search engine

Another way to increase your online presence is by registering on your local search engines (websites) You will need to do research on which websites work the best for your niche but I would suggest you start with the ones that are free and then work your way up.

Increasing your visibility online will help your ideal client to find you more easily. So when you are making your strategy for online marketing on what channel to choose from to focus your attention and energy on, choose wisely.

3. Grown your influence online

Your marketing strategies should focus on making your firm an expert in your niche. It should be designed in such a way that it creates a lasting presence on your clients.

On your website be sure to make it obvious what you do and what you are an expert in along with who do you do it for. Be sure to do this on your homepage since that is the very first thing that your clients see. A few common mistakes that we see in architecture firms website is that they are not clear about what they do and the other thing is that they see to be an architect specialist But what they fail to understand is that they cannot be an expert if they claim to do everything for anyone.

Another thing you can do on your website is to answer the top-question that your clients ask. One way to easily do this is by the means of a blog. Make sure that the content you up online answers that top question of your clients since this is time to show your expertise and experience.

4. Build a better relationship

Networking has become an important way to connect with people. In 2020 research has shown that after lockdown there was a 55% increase in LinkedIn conversation. When someone searches your name on google they will likely not only see your website but also your LinkedIn profile and other websites you are on which is going to determine your impression of them.

To make your LinkedIn profile more attractive you need to show these three things on your profile.

1. Whom you are trying to connect

2. How can you help solve their problem

3. Why should they want to know more about you

One common mistake that people make is trying to impress other architects instead they should engage with people with who they want to connect. But because the focus is on building a relationship, don’t limit your reach to clients instead try to connect with potential partners such as contractors, planners, leaders, and other people who can help bring you business.

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