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How to choose an Interior Designer for your project?

How to choose an Interior Designer for your project?

You have put lots of thought and money into buying the property of your dream. It has the perfect location, the neighborhood you have always dreamed of living in, and whatnot.

Now you have decided to invest in the interior design of the space before moving in. You decide on finding an interior designer for your space. But with many interior designers approaching you; are put on thought about how do you choose an interior designer?

So, here we have put together a list of considerations to help you make the right decision:

What is your style?

Knowing your style and having an interior designer who shares the same style can be a benefit to you. Although any interior designer will adapt to your style according to the brief set by the client. Search for the interior designer whose work you see and think, ‘I did like to live there. For example: if you are a fan of contemporary modern interior fan make sure that your interior designer knows all about it.

What is your budget?

Knowing your budget and having an interior designer who respects and designs according to it can be a hugely positive sign for your project.

For example:

If you want a sophisticated, elegant, and best design then you have a high budget for it.

If you want your interior design to be a balance between quality and cost then you must have a decent budget.

And lastly, if you have a tight budget then you would want creative cost thinking. Finding an interior designer who can bring creativity aspect to your project can help bring down the budget.

Having a like-minded mindset with your interior designer can narrow down your search.

How big is your project?

Is it a single room or a whole house renovation? I would recommend having an experienced designer for your project.

What do you require – an interior designer or an architect?

This is a very common question we ask before starting any project. It is very important to know what do you require for your project?

Here is what you need to know:

Architect: It is someone who works concerns the outer shell of the building i.e. external walls and roof, etc.

Interior designers: their works concern anything that involves interior finishes, furniture details, and fabric, etc.

Now you need to reflect on the scope of work and think about which one do you need for your project.

Review, recommendations, and referrals.

Before finalizing on the interior designers make sure to check their reviews online. Nowadays most of the architect and interior designer have their websites and social media pages. So, it’s wise to check those beforehand.

Also, ask for references if you can. It’s a very common practice.

What will your involvement be?

Do you want to be heavily involved in your project or do you want the designer to take over? Do you want the help of the designer in selecting the furniture and other materials or you to want to take over?

You will be able to save labour costs if you do any of it on your own.

A hands-on client with a super in-control designer is a bad combination. Also a laid-back designer with a clueless client. Have these things in mind before choosing your designer.

Do you need a local interior designer?

For most projects, it’s wise to search for a local interior designer but that depends on “how big is your project?” and also “what will your involvement be?”

It also depends on if you just want the designs from the designer and can get all the other work done on your own or you want them to be involved in getting all the works done by them.

What is your time scale?

Knowing the time of your project and having your designer getting it done within that time period is an important consideration.

Find your perfect design pro within minutes.

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