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How do you enhance your living space?

How do you enhance your living space?

The living room is one of the most important spaces in the house. It’s wise to focus on the interior design of your living room first rather than the bathroom and your bedroom. In previous blog, we talked about Memphis design movement and to read that click here.

The living room can not only be comfortable and relaxing but can also add a personal touch to your space. It can also make your space look aesthetically pleasing.

It is not necessary to have a big budget for your living room; even a small budget can make a huge difference for your living room. So, here are a few ways to improve your living room:

Introducing a focal point:

It’s a mistake that most people make in their interior design is making the TV their focal point of the living room. Making TV wall a focal point can be boring. Therefore, it is very important to drive people’s attention from TV wall to something else.

You can create a statement piece in your living room and drive attention to that. A statement piece can be anything from a chair to a unique painting.

Select unique lighting fixture

It is necessary to have a proper lighting fixture that is not too bright not too dull. It should be perfect. Having a unique and extraordinary lighting fixture can also attract the attention of your guest and also act as a focal point.

Invest in Rugs:

While very few people notice the floor but it is the first thing people notice when they enter the living room. Adding colour to your floor can illuminate your room. Adding a big and warm colour rug can make your living room feel comfortable and safe for the guest.

Change your pillow cover:

Pillows are a great way to spice up your space. It can make a great impact on your space. They can bring in a lot of fun colours and texture to space. We love pillow cover the most since it can be changed from season to season.

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