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How do architect charge their fees?

How do architect charge their fees?

Thinking about hiring an architect and wondering how they charge their fees? Many people are in the dark when it comes to this? In this blog, we will talk about different ways they charge their fees and talk a brief about it. So, without further delay let’s get started.

Different type of fee structure:

Here are common methods how architect charge their fees:

Percentage-based fees:

In this type of fee structure, fees are specifically based on the percentage of the construction cost. The percentage of the architect is based upon the location they are in. This percentage is applied because architect are involved right from the stage of planning, Vastu, ventilation, structure, by-laws, contractors, materials, costs, budgets, finishes, client requirements, aesthetics, details, interiors, etc.

A client who is on a budget for a project will have a difficult time if his architect charges in percentage bases for the design they produce. For example, for a project of 2000 sq. ft. let’s take the construction cost to be Rs 40,00,000/-

Architect fee at 7 % will be 40,00,000 x .07= Rs. 2,80,000/-

Fixed fees:

A fixed fee or lump sum is an amount set by the architect for their professional services. These services are set upon a contract.

Architect like to set these services on small-scale projects or on projects where the scope of work is small; it’s easy to determine the scope of work.

Hourly rates:

The concept of this rate is straightforward. The architect sets a contract with you on which they specify their hourly rates. Upon the hours worked is multiplied by the hourly rate is the total cost of the work they do.

Architect use this when they know if they will get paid for all the work they do. This rate eliminated the process where they take out the estimated scope of work.

Square foot-based:

There is some serious architect who has a fixed style of design and can predict the exact price of design. These architect charge their fee per sq. ft rates. For example, these architect pricing starts for Rs 20/ sq. ft to Rs 300/sq. ft, the price varies depending upon the scope of work, duration of work, etc.

A hybrid fee structure:

This is where an architect charges one type of fee structure for specific work and the other type of fee structure for another part of the work.

For example, an architecture firm might charge you on a fixed fee basis for design services for the hours and effort put into the work. And they might charge you hourly rates for product or material selection, etc.

Which fee structure is best?

There is no one-size fit for all type method. Each method has its pros and cons. Upon here the type of work they do will suggest to you the type of fee structure that is best for the work. It is wise to think about why they are suggesting this type of structure.

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