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Decorating living room with plants

Decorating living room with plants

If you ever have any doubts regarding why you need to keep plants in your living room or what are the benefits of adding plants in your space then click here to read the full blog.

Now, how to decorate the living room with plants?

A Large Plant beside the Sofa

This is a part that may be a bit empty or neglected. The idea here is to bet on a large-sized ornamental plant. It will look amazing if done right.


Decorating your space with plants on shelves could be a smart plan. But dedicating an entire shelf to plants may look a bit boring so be sure to mix it up a little.


You have an empty corner in your living room them the best way to design your space is by bringing in a bench and organizing a bunch of small plants around it.

A Few plants specifically for clearing the indoor air are:

1. Aloe Vera
2. Bamboo Palm
3. Peace lily
4. Boston Fern
5. snake plant
6. Spider Plant

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