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Benefits of adding houseplants to your interior design

Benefits of adding houseplants to your interior design

2020 has changed every aspect of our life mostly due to COVID-19 pandemics and their effects. Even after having multiple vaccines, we can certainly be optimistic. Despite all of that, we still don’t know how long it is going to take to get back to our normal lives. During this time the importance of home has increased in our life. Not only that but the importance of a well-designed home with open spaces and green plants has increased. Before starting we have also covered already covered the factors that affect the interior design you can read it here.

Yes, green plants are an important part of interior design space. Living through the pandemics we all have learned to go with the flow, give ourselves a break and relax once in a while, and get away from the stress. And what better way to do that than have a nice stroll down the park between the greenery. 

You might not know but having green plants around you leaves a huge positive impact on your mental health.

Benefits of having a houseplant that will help you feel slightly in control right now: 

  1. Research says that watching the plant all throughout the year can help you give a better sense of passing time especially when each day feels the same.
  2. Taking care of the plant helps you with sticking to a routine.
  3. Having plants around you help you to be a focus on your surrounding and be present since they are entirely dependent on you. 
  4. Being in charge of another living thing even when they are plants gives you a sense of purpose. 
  5. Plants help boost mood, creativity, concentration, and also productivity. 

Here are a few plants that you can plant in your house that will not only purify your indoor air but it will also spice up for interior design: 

  1. Peace Lily: These are comparatively small and are ideal for compact spaces. These are best grown in a shady spot and are easy to grow. One thing to be aware of them is that they do contribute some pollen and floral scents to the air. Also, these are toxic to children and pet
  2. Boston fern: These plants refer to purify the air from a cool place with high humidity and indirect light. Also, they are easy to grow. 
  3. Aloe Vera: They are easy to care for with some serious health wins. This plant contains a clear liquid that is full of vitamins. It’s best to keep it in the kitchen and best for a quick burn relief remedy. Just break open a leaf to get that go. 
  4. Dwarf Date Palm: They are the babies of palm families and are easy to grow. They grow up to 6 feet to 10 feet. 
  5. Philodendron: These are easy to look after, need moderate water and indirect sunlight. Also, they are a luscious addition to indoor plants.

There are many more benefits to having a houseplant at your home. Having a houseplant around your house can be beneficial for not only your health but also your mental health during this tough time. 

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