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Memphis design movement

Memphis design movement

In the times where we all have to stay home and creating a full life being indoor Falling in love with your space is natural. To fall in love with your space, You might want your space to reflect your personality. Adding personal touch to your space along with something extra; which makes you want to fall in love with being housebound. In our previous blog, we talk about How interior design affects mental health? and to read that click here.

During this Covid-19 situation what we have seen is trends are cycling back; even the most outrageous ones. One such trend is Memphis design. This is a trend which was earlier laughed at and was seen as ridiculous. Now it is back in style amongst the tastemakers and influencers.

What is Memphis Design?

The Memphis design movement begins in Milano, Italy in 1981 by designer Ettore Sottsass along with other designers and architects. The group designed postmodern furniture, lighting, fabrics, carpets, ceramics, glass, and metal objects.

The 1950s/60s mid-century modern and 1970s minimalism were about structure and straight lines. To counter that, sottsass and groups thinking were considered as “radical, funny, and outrageous” essentially ignoring what was considered as “good taste” at that time. What inspired the Mimphis design what the geometrical figures of “Art Deco” and the color palette of “Pop Art”.

Features of Memphis Design:

  • Simple Geometric shapes
  • Flat colors combined in bold and contrasting palette
  • Stylised graphic patterns defined by black and white stripes
  • Abstract squiggles
  • Plastic laminates
  • Terrazzo material mainly found on floors and incorporated into table and lamps.

After the collective shut down many members of the group continued practicing individually. Sottsass only became successful in the postmodernist architect. It was only after his death in 2007 that the interest in Memphis design was reawakened.

Here is a list of many such products that were designed after being inspired from the Memphis designs:

  • The original 1995 apply watch
  • Christian Dior’s 2011 fall collection
  • Nathalie Du Pasquier’s Tapigri rug
  • Nathalie Du Pasquier’s Americal Apparel 2014 collection
  • Camille Walala’s Dream Come True Building
  • Kartell’s Flagship store tribute

A few of the apartments in Mumbai has interior design inspired by the Memphis Design. One such project is Baldiwala Edge.

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