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8 ways to make your Interior look stylish on a budget

8 ways to make your Interior look stylish on a budget

Many times we all want to upgrade our home but don’t have the budget to do it. So without further delays, let’s jump to take a look at a few tips and tricks to make your home look stylish on a budget.

Hang curtains high and wide:

No matter where you live you always need curtains either for privacy reasons or to block light. Curtains can be a statement of style even the cheap ones if done the right way. The best way to do this is by placing the curtain rod as high as you can and the curtain gently falling and touching the floor. Also, make sure that the curtains as 6″ past the window frame.

Classic neutral paint:

Choosing paint color from the trend is fine if you are willing to repaint when the trend is over. Choosing from the neutral palette your home will look much more stylish for a much longer time.

Area Rugs:

Sure rugs can be expensive by it can also be a worthy investment and if you shop right with patience you can get them for cheaper. But do remember patience is the key.

Update the lampshades:

Replacing your lamp shade can bring a huge difference to your space than you think.

Use matching containers for open storage:

We all have random things lying around your house. Placing the random things into dedicated open storage can bring a huge difference to your space. Also while buying the storage containers make sure to buy the matching ones and place them together in a cohesive manner.

Replace hardware:

Replacing hardware make seems a very small thing but changing that can make a huge difference. First, try replacing the kitchen cupboard hardware and you can replace your exterior door. Try to see which finish would look better for your interior. For doors try to have matching hardware for the hinge, and doorknob.

Bonus Tip:

For decoration purposes for your coffee table try placing decor items in groups of three and see the difference. It can be anything small even candles.

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