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5 signs that you should become an interior designer

5 signs that you should become an interior designer

Have you seen those IKEA yearly book design? Do you feel been intimidated by how homely it is? Do you have the feeling of buying them? just having the exact same setup at your home? Have you ever wondered how does an interior designer do that? We have already covered a blog on 5 signs that you should be an architect to read that blog click here.

Let’s start this blog with a reality check. DIY and decorating your home after referring to IKEA sample houses is not what an interior designer does. 

In those sample spaces in IKEA, an interior designer has put in the effort to make it look perfect and homely. The images from magazines and Pinterest are done by an interior designer.

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building; to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects. An interior designer keeps all the factors that affect the interior in mind; to make an aesthetically pleasing environment to fulfill the client’s requirements. You can read all those blogs on my website. 

Still interested in being an interior designer? Interested in choosing a creative career for yourself? Then there a few signs that you might look out for in order to become an interior designer. 

You are a puzzler: 

You enjoy figuring out the problem to a solution, this is the job of a designer. If this sort of thing you are interested in; then you will surely love a creative challenge. And will surely love solving client’s problems which they face in their space. 

Mentally rearrange the furniture of a room: 

Do you randomly start to work out the size of the furniture and try to find the best layout for the furniture in order to solve the current issue the room is facing and to fulfill the requirement of the room. 

You have an eye for detail: 

When you see a room you start to notice all the things that make the room special. The material combination, the tiny details that make a huge difference. 

Love the hunt: 

If you love shopping or feel a rush of victory when you find the perfect tile to update your kitchen backsplash; then you are suited for a career in interior design.

Do you Love to noticing how other interior designers play with space

You love to see how other designers have played with the interior theme; what they have done wrong, or how can that space be developed. 

These are just a few that you might want to keep a lookout for. If you are reading this then you might want to keep a lookout for the interior design course. 

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