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5 Myths About Architects

5 Myths About Architects

When you think of architects many things might come to your mind. There are many things you might know off and have even worked with some but there surely are many who still haven’t worked with one due to a few of the misconceptions you might have about them. We have already covered Interior Designer Myths. You can read it here

So, without further delay let’s get into it.

1. If you provide architectural services, you start to call yourself an architect

Some companies and designers provide architectural services, but it doesn’t mean they are architects. To call yourself an architect in India you much study a five years course in architecture and you must be registered by the Council of architecture as an architect which sets and regulates professional standards to ensure that consumers are getting the best service.

2. They only design big projects

There are loads of small projects that form the bread and butter of an architect. An architect can be asked to design a new bedroom, a bathroom, or re-model a small office/shop. An architect will bring the same amount of care and processes to a small project as they will to a larger one.

3. Architects cost more than I can afford.

Instead of consulting an architect you might go to a less qualified designer might surely save you money but specialized skills that an architect. Having an architect can add significant value for the money they cost, ensuring that your project is designed according to the code and expertly designed to suit your needs.

4. They just care about how the building looks

Architects are well aware of the fact that their buildings are publically visible and it will be there for a long time so, they surely do want it to look good but the fact is that they are also concerned about building’s function is just as important as its design. They ensure that the building works for people who use it, that it’s an enjoyable, healthy, and useful place to be in.

5. Architects just design new buildings

Architects design a lot of new buildings such as residential, schools, cafes, coffee shops, offices, etc. However, they also work on the renovation of buildings or adding a new structure to the existing one too.  Architects often enjoy the challenge of recreating spaces to meet their clients’ needs and budgets.

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